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      Welcome, Athletes of Waxhaw, NC!Waxhaw Athletic Association Logo

      Get in on the Swak-tion with a new way to manage and protect your hair AND support your local athletic program! The Swak is the ultimate hair accessory that allows you to protect and manage your hair in ways other hair accessories can't! Click here to check out the many ways to style, wear and use. The Swak is adjustable to any size and great for all ages. It stays in place and doesn't leave creases in your hair. Best of all, it's multi-functional with 5 ways to wear and many ways to style. The Swak can even be used for cold, heat and aroma therapy.  Check out our add-ons that make the Swak even more functional! And if that's not great enough - $3 from every order goes to the Waxhaw Athletic Association to support local teams and athletes like you! How will you Swak It?

      $3 from each purchase with the code WAA3 entered at checkout, will be used to support WAA. The code is not a discount code, but rather an informative code to designate which orders are to support WAA. A discount or price amount will not show when the code is entered. The code information is used solely for our records and for disbursement of funds to WAA.